Ghost Town Winery

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Ghost Town Winery is a family run winery. Four generations have worked to get the winery up off the ground and we still manage day to day operations. Every batch of wine is carefully handcrafted and bottled.
Our wines are named for ghost towns around the state of South Dakota. We loosely use the following criteria for selecting the towns. Each town should have had at some point a post office and school and now both are closed. Some towns have a few people still living in them but there are no businesses. Other towns are completely gone. Each town has a unique history and those stories are retold here as our way of honoring those who settled these lands. many cases these towns were established even before South Dakota was a state. Most of the history we have on the towns is discussed in the tasting room at various stages of sampling so who knows what is true and what is completely made up. Either way we are having fun and enjoying the wine.


Wine List


Annie Creek – Sauvignon Blanc (white)

Small gold mining town in Lawrence County until the early1900’s

A crisp, light and invigorating Sauvignon Blanc. Big name, soft smooth chilled sipping.

Cactus Flat – Riesling (white)

A giant concrete prairie dog stands guard to the entrance of the Badlands Loop. Most of the town is gone now.

A medium bodied, off-dry Riesling with a good balance between sweetness and acidity

Crandall – Merlot (red)

Just off Hwy 20 between Watertown and Aberdeen. Had the last Standard Station to use gravity pumps in the United States.  

Good grapes, Light oak and tannins-firm flavo

Flatiron – Cabernet Sauvignon (red)

Gold was discovered in the 1890s.  By 1915 it was a bustling mining town with some 30 buildings. It even had its own railroad.

A medium bodied Cabernet with bold grape and balanced tannins with moderate oak. Hints of black fruit and spice.

Ordway – Pinot Noir (red)

Small railroad town founded in the early 1880’s it was located a couple miles northeast of Aberdeen.

A medium bodied Pinot Noir. Rich grape up front with soft tannins and light oak.


Sweet wines are best served well chilled.

Appleby – Exotic Fruits White Zinfandel (blush)

Was a prairie rail stop for the shipping of grains to market.
The old elevator is all that remains. It is located southeast of Watertown.

Exotic Fruits such as Mango and Passionfruit drive the sweetness of this light hearted blush wine.

Evarts – Strawberry White Merlot (blush)

Originally located just south of Mobridge and is now covered by water when the area was flooded by construction of the Oahe Dam.  This town was once one of the largest cattle shipping ports in the United States.

A sweet light blushing White Merlot with the not so subtle flavor of fresh Strawberries.

Grover – Pomegranate Zinfandel (red)

A small town on the railroad tracks SW of Watertown. The old  elevator still stands and  a few other buildings remain. The one room Grover school house was moved to Hazel and now serves as a museum.

Zinfandel paired with the rich earthy Pomegranate makes a unique spicy sweetness that’s hard to resist.

Herman – Black Raspberry Merlot (red)

Was established on the east side of Lake Herman. It was at one time a considerable village, with a lively country trade, but its distance from railway connections prevented it from becoming an important town.

A fruity White Merlot paired with luscious Black Raspberries. Chill and serve with friends.

Imlay – Green Apple Riesling (white)

Established just west of Murdo in 1907 and existed along the railway until the dirty 30’s drove most residents away.

Great Green Apple with a sweet Riesling. About as refreshing as you can get!

Manchester – Pink Moscato (blush)

Located just east of Huron on SD Hwy 14, this town once held 150,000 people including Clint Eastwood, yup that one!  In 2003 an F4 tornado ripped through town.   

Melds apple peach and melon flavors with sweet grape notes.

Medary – Raspberry Dragonfruit White Shiraz (blush)

A few miles south of Brookings, it was established in 1857, the first incorporated town in Dakota Territory. All that remains today is a historical marker.

A slick White Shiraz splashed with cool Raspberry and exotic Dragonfruit.

Teddy Bear – Cherry Sangria

Located in the center of the oldest and still most active gold mining area of the Black Hills.  The surrounding area is littered with abandoned gold mining and support equipment.

A delightful medley of cherry and orange, lemon and lime – a sangria to savor.

Travare – White Cranberry Pinot Gris (white)

The original county seat of Roberts County later moved to Wilmot and then Sisseton. The courthouse was moved to Wilmot where it still stands.

Bursting with the sweet-tart flavor of White Cranberry on top of a smooth Pinot Gris.

Winship – Blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon (red)

The first building was the schoolhouse in 1889. Early in the century they added two elevators, gas station, cream station, blacksmith shop, stockyards and a store.  In 1972 the last buildings were torn down.

Blackberry – Blackberry! So nicely softens and sweetens the Cabernet Sauvignon

Yahota – Moscato (white)

A small railway town on the northeast end of Lake Kampeska.  When the road was put in everyone moved to Watertown. 

Moscato- The Muscat Grape at its finest. Melds apple, peach and melon flavors with sweetness and light.